Is a vasectomy 100% effective?

Both vasectomy and female sterilisation are the most effective long-term

methods of contraception. However, there is a very small possibility of failure,

less than 1%, with either method. With regard to vasectomy this can be

categorised as short-term or long-term failure.

The vasectomy procedure involves sealing the sperm-carrying tubes but, in

rare cases, the tubes may join together naturally:

Short-term failure: Should semen tests carried out following the procedure

demonstrate a consistent pattern of positive results, it has to be assumed

that healing has taken place and a repeat procedure may be advised, which

would be carried out at no extra cost.

Long-term failure: It is possible, although very rare (less than 1%) for the

tubes to rejoin years after a vasectomy. Unfortunately, there is no way of

predicting this in advance and the only warning sign will be an accidental

pregnancy. For additional peace of mind we are able to provide yearly semen

testing for a very small charge.

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