How many weeks pregnant am I?

If you've had a positive pregnancy test, there's a simple way to find out how many weeks pregnant you may be.

If you've had a positive pregnancy test or are thinking about having an abortion, it's important to know how many weeks pregnant you are as this will affect your options. Medical abortion (the abortion pill), for example, is only recommended for women up to 8 weeks at Marie Stopes Centres in Nepal.

Unprotected sex

You may be pregnant if you've had unprotected sex. If you've had unprotected sex within the last 5 days and don't want to be pregnant, you can use emergency contraception such as the emergency contraceptive pill or IUD to ensure any pregnancy doesn't continue. If you've had unprotected sex more than 5 days ago and are unsure whether you're pregnant, you will need to do a pregnancy test after about 3 weeks, if your period is late, or if you have any abnormal vaginal bleeding.

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