Marie Stopes Nepal provides quality family planning and safe abortion services through its 36 Marie Stopes Centers.

Marie Stopes Nepal, in partnership with Sunaulo Parivar Nepal operates 36 centers in 32 districts providing a full range of quality reproductive health services in Nepal.

Marie Stopes Nepal began as a center- based organization. it started its services with few centers in the beginning from Marie Stopes Centre Biratnagar. Now it is extended to 36 centers within Nepal. While the majority of our clients now access services through outreach, our centers remain the backbone for our operations in many countries.

Centers play a crucial role as a base for training and act as a vital logistics hub where our outreach teams and community based distributors go to sterilize equipment and re-stock on clinical supplies.

Our centers represent the heart of our financial sustainability model. with the exception of those in urban slums, our centers are intended to reach people who can afford to pay and are competitively priced. The income generated helps fund outreach programs that serve the poorest women. 

Our centers set the standard for our services. So we put a lot of thought into their location, design and the way they are run. Above all, we want to be sure that the women who visit our centers feel at ease, and as comfortable as possible, from the moment they walk through our blue door. 

Location is everything

Where we locate our centers is critical. We look for locations that are safe, convenient, easy to find and well served by public transport. And we make sure they are open at times that work best for people living locally, not the service provider. 

First impressions count

The first thing a person sees when they visit a center are the signposts and signs advertising the facility, as well as the exterior of the building. So we must make sure our signs are prominent, and we set the same rigorous standards for cleanliness, decor and repair for the outside of our buildings as we do inside.

The right atmosphere

Once a client steps inside, the atmosphere of a center has much of an impact on them as the clinical standards of our services. Creating warm welcoming environments also leads to quicker recovery times. 

So we try to "demedicalise" our centers as much as we can by:

  • Keeping any equipment we're not using our of sight
  • Avoiding using string-smelling cleaning fluids
  • Making sure our furniture and decor are non-clinical in feel
  • Putting up pictures, putting our plants, and putting a television or radio in client areas
  • Using reclining chairs in recovery areas rather than beds

It's also important that we're completely open and transparent with our clients about pricing, so a list of all the prices of all services should be prominently displayed in all centers.

Cleanliness matters

The cleanliness of our centers really matters- not just for medical safety reasons but because it shows our clients just how important they are to us. We must keep our centers spotlessly clean-both inside and out. Everywhere from reception, to the toilets, to the examination and recovery rooms. This attention to detail makes us stand out from our competitors and it is an important part of our client-centered approach.