Our research is a critical component in helping us to improve the way we deliver our services, to reach more people, and to demonstrate the importance of family planning. We place great emphasis on using evidence to continually monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the work we do.

We continually record, measure and evaluate our performance, sot that we can keep  a sharp eye on how we are doing and where we can do better. By integrating evidence into the planning, deign and implementation of our work we can make the most of resources and generate the greatest impact possible. We use a range of tools to help collect and analyse the evidence we need, these include management, reporting packs, exit interviews, the Cost Calculator, Impact 2 and the Client Information Center. 

Couple Years of Protection:

We evaluate the impact of our services using evidence-based statistics. The main measure we use is called "Couple Years of Protection" (CYPs).One CYP is the contraception that is needed for a couple to prevent pregnancy over the course of a year. We also measure what we call High Impact CYPs (HICs), which are a way to assess our performance in expanding access and providing equitable services. 

Having access to accurate data on the impact of our services givers us the evidence we need to improve our programs, better target our services and make sure we are reaching the women who need us most. 

We use this data in three areas in particular:

  • To help us understand how our work is contributing towards helping women have children but choice, not chance. 
  • To make sure our work is carried out as efficiently as possible and that our services are sustainable from a financial viewpoint. 
  • To increase public awareness of our services and help us react quickly to market and funding opportunities.
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