SIFPO’s mission is to increase the use of family planning (FP) services globally through strengthening selected international FP organizations and an extensive, multicountry network of FP clinics, in order to achieve maximum program impact and synergies. The current SIFPO projects are working toward the following four results areas: 

Result 1: Strengthened organizational capacity to deliver quality FP services to target groups 

Result 2: Internal quality assurance standards and results quantified and disseminated to strengthen FP performance at a global level 

Result 3: Increased organizational sustainability of country-level programs, including internal south-to-south support and technical assistance  

Result 4: Gender-sensitive FP services targeting youth strengthened at a global level 

A special focus of the SIFPO projects has been on capacity building and systems strengthening to build upon and leverage the organization’s extensive network of country programs that are often funded by other donors. These capacity-building areas include improving clinical and counseling quality, standardizing and sharing best practices (e.g., in social franchising or mobile outreach programs), improving and standardizing metrics, and improving health management and information systems.