We work hard to quantify the health impacts of our work, but the benefits of

reproductive health services go beyond what can be routinely measured.

At Marie Stopes Nepal, our aim is to ensure that every woman is able to choose for herself when to have children and how many to have. We do this by ensuring accessible and affordable healthcare services and products including family planning and, in countries where it is legal, safe abortion services for those who want them.

Our family planning services include education and provision of various short and long term contraception methods. These include condoms and the contraceptive pill, to long-acting methods such as implants and Intrauterine Devices (IUDs). We also offer permanent methods of tubal ligation and vasectomy.

Our services are provided in clinics, through mobile outreach teams and through social franchises. We partner with a range of private healthcare providers through our nurse entrepreneur franchise, providing ongoing training and equipment in order to expand access to high quality family planning and safe abortion services. Wherever and however we deliver our services, we ensure that the same high level of clinical quality is delivered.

But we do more than provide clinical services. All our programs focus on raising awareness and increasing understanding among the communities in which we work. We provide education, information and counselling on reproductive health and family planning to encourage healthcare seeking behavior in communities. We do this through community-based health advisory, peer-education, phone information lines, tailored education materials and other means appropriate to the specific community in which we are working. We’ve even developed radio programs and worked with local theater productions to disseminate reproductive health information. This community based work is often integrated with our other service delivery points in order to extend choice and open-up access to services.