Our vision: A world in which every birth is wanted

Our mission: Children by choice, not chance

If a woman comes to Marie Stopes Centers for an abortion, the procedure itself is just one part of the service we provide. We are there to offer emotional support as well as providing post-abortion family planning for all women who have had an abortion or a miscarriage. 

We can offer many different contraceptive options for post-abortion family planning including short-term, long-term reversible, and permanent methods, and help each woman choose the best option for her, depending on her fertility intentions and the type of procedure she has had. 

Our team work to the following principles when offering post-abortion family planning. We:

  • Empathize with the client 
  • Are always respectful and non judgmental
  • Ensure the client's privacy and confidentiality 
  • Offer the client the option to have someone she knows with her during the counseling
  • Start talking to her about family planning before the abortion procedure, and never when she is sedated, stressed or in pain