Our vision: A world in which every birth is wanted

Our mission: Children by choice, not chance

Marie Stopes Nepal believes that accessible family planning is essential if women are to enjoy their sexual and reproductive rights. It is also a crucial and cost-effective public health intervention, which can promote economic development and gender equality as well as reduce poverty and maternal deaths.

When women and men are given the choice and the opportunity to use family planning, they can break away from many of the harsh consequences of not being able to control when they have children and how many they have.

For women, this can improve their social and economic position. Women with access to family planning can have increased opportunity to work and participate in the economy, or to pursue their education if they wish. They have greater ability to feed, clothe and educate the children they do have. And in this way, they can elevate their role in family and community decision making, increase their standards of living and help reduce poverty.

In 2014,Marie Stopes Nepal generated 411,287 CYP and an estimated 85,000 unsafe abortion was adverted from our services. An estimated 126 thousand unintended pregnancies were averted from our services- this includes the impact of women still using a Long Acting Permanent Method from past years. Similarly, Meri Saathi Free Helpline serves over 30,000 clients over the phone counseling on Sexual and Reproductive Health. Marie Stopes Nepal also implements Youth-friendly SRH information and service project called “Rockets & Space” serving nearly 2 million youths.