Experiencing uncertainty about the transformations occurring in your body or your child’s body who is of age 10-19? No need for concern; we're here to provide you with insights into these changes that are taking place.

What is Puberty?  

Puberty is the period when various changes occurs in an individual that transforms a child into a sexually mature adult. A young person goes through a gradual process that results in a variety of physiological, social and mental changes that allows them to engage in reproduction, sexual exploration and identity formation. As explained by WHO, this period starts from 9.5 years and lasts till 19 years for both girls and boys.    

Changes that occur in Puberty 


  • This period marks a significant milestone for an individual's emotions. Emotion is heighted in self-expression, allowing them to articulate their feelings with a newfound clarity. 
  • Become shy. 
  • Have a clear idea of what is right and wrong. 
  • Give more importance to Individual. 
  • Thoughts, Memory, and Perception is developed. 
  • Are Day- dreaming and  
  • Can explain their emotions to others. 
  • Are more curious.  


Since the Physicality of Boys and girls are boys are different, during their transition from childhood to adulthood they experience some shared Physical changes while some of the changes are different from one another 

Changes in Boys: 

  • The voice deepens. 
  • Boys develop facial hair, indicating the onset of masculinity. 
  • Hair growth in underarms, chest, and genital area. 
  • Growth of penis and testicles. 
  • Itching and discomfort due to growth and changes. 

Changes in Girls: 

  • Breasts start to grow. 
  • Hips widen. 
  • Hair growth in underarms and genital area. 
  • Menstrual cycles start. 
  • Vaginal discharge becomes more noticeable.

Shared Changes: 

  • Both boys and girls experience growth in height and weight. 
  • Sweat and oil glands become more active, leading to increased sweating and possible pimples. 
  • Changes in hormones lead to a shift in body odor. 
  • Mood swings and emotional fluctuations may occur. 
  • Increased oil production may cause acne. 


  • Children are close with their friends and value friendship.  
  • They start to get attracted as per their preference.  
  • Start to get involved in romantic relationships. 

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Frequently asked questions

What psychological and emotional changes are common during adolescence?

Adolescents often experience identity exploration, mood swings, increased independence, and peer influence as part of their psychological and emotional development. 

What methods can I use to manage problems with pimples and acne?

Maintain a consistent skincare routine, keep your face clean, avoid excessive touching, and consider over-the-counter treatments or consult a dermatologist for more severe cases. 

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