Cervical cryotherapy

General Information Cervical Cryotherapy or Thermal Ablation

  • These are the methods to treat the pre-cancerous lesions of the cervix.

  • Cervical pre-cancers can be treated by either destroying the abnormal area on the cervix or by removing it.

  • The treatment methods are simple. Most women can be treated on the same day at Marie stopes center and sent home within a few hours.

  • Treatments that can be done at the primary care level are: -

  • Cryotherapy, a method in which the abnormal area of the cervix is frozen for a few minutes by applying special cold probes. Women can be assessed for pain and pain medication can be provided if indicated.

  • Cold coagulation or thermal ablation, a treatment method in which a heated probe is applied on the cervix for a few seconds to destroy the abnormal area.

  • MSI provides these methods at various centers.