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VIA & Cryotherapy

Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA)

Detecting and removing abnormal cervical cells can prevent cervical cancer

Visual inspection with acetic acid is an effective method for detecting abnormal cells in the cervix.

The procedure is simple. The health care provider simply swabs vinegar, i.e. acetic acid, on the cervix and looks for areas that change color. Normal cervical tissue remains unaffected by the acetic acid, but damaged tissue -- such as that found in pre-cancerous or cancerous lesions -- turns white. The provider can then remove the damaged tissue on the spot using cryotherapy or other techniques, or they can perform a biopsy for further follow-up.

Regular VIA tests are recommended for all women 25 years and older.

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What is VIA?

Please consult this video for an idea of what to expect during VIA.

Visual inspection of the cervix using acetic acid means looking at the cervix with a naked eye to detect abnormalities after application of dilute (3- 5%) acetic acid. The area that is abnormal turns white, which shows that it may have precancerous lesions.

Since screening and treatment are done at the same visit, there is no need to wait for results and then return to the doctor/providers. Please consult this video for an idea of what to expect at your appointment. 

Have more questions about VIA?

Take a look at our frequently asked questions, where we share answers for some of the most common VIA questions.

General information on VIA

  • It is safe, inexpensive and easy to perform
  • The test performance is similar to other tests used for cervical cancer screening.
  • It is non- invasive and effectively identifies many precancerous lesions;
  • It can be learned and provided by almost all health professionals at all levels of the health care system.
  • It provides immediate results on which decisions about management (treatment or referral) based:
  • Most equipment and supplies for his service are locally available
  • Instant treatment (cryotherapy) can be linked to this type of screening to offer women screening and treatment in a single visit.
  • VIA and Treatment by Cryotherapy as a Single Visit Approach (SVA)

Target population: Women aged between 25 – 60 years (this is as per the Nepal government)

All women will be screened who attend the health centres/who are in target group (This is as per government)

Regardless of HIV status all women will be screened for cervical cancer. 

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