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Our Centres

Our 30 centres are staffed by trained and qualified professionals who are highly dedicated to helping you with your sexual and reproductive health

Creating safe and welcoming spaces for our clients.

Our centres set the standard for our services. Our clients can expect a wide range of affordable services in a comfortable and reassuring setting.

Our centres are in a safe, convenient and easy to find location. Each centre is staffed by friendly team of qualified professionals who are dedicated to helping you with your reproductive choices.

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Warm, approachable and reassuring.

We want our clients to feel relaxed and supported when they visit us.

We strive to deliver this through creating a calm and inviting environment, developing a professional and passionate team and offering services that meet the highest clinical standards. We find that this combination helps us meet our global standards of clinical excellence.

Our services

Safe Abortion Care

If you decide that an abortion is the best way forward, we can help you.

We offer medical and surgical abortions at our clinics all over Nepal. You can also call our advice line if you want to talk your options through with someone.

Find out more about our abortion services:

Short Term Contraceptives

We offer a wide range of short-acting family planning methods.

Short acting family planning method is used to prevent pregnancy for short period of time. This method includes pills, depo, condom.

Find out more about our short term contraceptive products and services:

Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives

We offer two types of long acting reversible contraceptives.

Long acting family planning methods of contraception are effective for those who are looking for sustained protection.

Find out more about our LARC products and services:

Permanent Methods

A simple permanent method to prevent pregnancy.

We offer two types of permanent method: Vasectomy and Female Sterilization. These methods are effective for those who are sure they don’t want any more children.

Find out more about our permanent contraception services:

Cervical Cancer Screening

Test to detect early signs of cervical cancer.

Detecting and removing abnormal cervical cells can prevent cervical cancer. Cervical cancer screening, sometimes also known as a smear test, is an effective method for detecting abnormal cells in the cervix.

What can you always expect

Our centers are staffed by teams of qualified and passionate professionals, who always put the client first.

From the moment clients walk through our door, we make sure that they feel at ease, and as comfortable as possible. We are committed to providing best possible care for every client. This is not just for medical and safety reasons but because it shows our clients just how important they are to us. We work closely with quality technical assurance team and the government to make sure that we are delivering highest quality service.

Other ways to access our services

Find out more about our service delivery channels.

MS Ladies

Our Marie Stopes Ladies travel to rural populations to deliver comprehensive family planning services.

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Mobile outreach

All outreach services are client focused, ensuring clients receive individual, private counselling on all methods that are appropriate for his or her fertility intentions, lifestyle preferences, and medical eligibility.

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Contact centre

Our contact centre known as Meri Saathi is national helpline number providing counselling on sexual and reproductive health.

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