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Outreach clinics

Providing mobile outreach services across Nepal

Our outreach teams have built a reputation across Nepal for providing quality services in hard-to-reach and rural locations.

The focus of our outreach teams is to provide Long Acting Permanent Methods (LAPM). The team also provide complimentary services in short-team contraception methods, as well as information and education of alternative family planning methods that may suit our clients better.

Our outreach teams

Ensuring access to our clinical services in hard to reach and rural areas across Nepal.

Our outreach teams are comprised of both experienced clinical and health promotion staff. Team members consist of individuals from the local communities in which we work, ensuring we always have people on hand who speak local languages and have good working relationships with government partners.

Other ways to access our services

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Our centres

Our 36 centres are staffed by trained and qualified professionals who are highly dedicated to helping you with your sexual and reproductive health.

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MS Ladies

Our MS Ladies travel to rural populations to deliver comprehensive family planning services.

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Contact centre

Our trained and skilled counselors provide confidential and non-judgmental counseling to callers from across the country (within and outside the country).

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